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What We Believe

We believe good design is all around us. We believe in the power of design. We believe everything can be improved upon. We believe in making the world a prettier place. We believe that everyone deserves a pretty place. We believe design improves functionality. We believe your home should reflect you. We believe that your tastes evolve. We believe that your home should show where you've been. We believe your design should be reminiscent of where you are. We believe in the timelessness of white and linen. We believe in a pop of color. We believe that it's all in the details. We believe in enjoying luxuries today. We believe there is no comparison to life in paradise.

If you share our beliefs and are looking for a personal experience Casa Casa Interiors is your boutique firm . Julie Tong, owner and designer has over 30 years of design experience. During her years in the Keys she's designed hotels, vacation homes, kitchens, bathrooms, condos, beach homes, private islands, boats and even RVs. Casa Casa Interiors has thousands of samples and the staff will guide you through the process to keep you on track and budget. 

We hope to see you soon. 

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